Fleming Consulting LLC is a regional management consulting firm.  We are the trusted advisors to businesses, governments, and institutions.

We work with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. We have deep functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients and, often, to the world.

We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work.

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. They guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other — and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.

We value people who demonstrate respect, integrity, and teaming.  We value people with passion, creative thinking, and the courage to lead.  We value people who value diversity, community involvement, and continuous learning.

Every day, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience each other and the way our clients and wider communities experience us. Our values give us confidence that we are using the same principles to help us make these decisions — throughout our organization.

We aspire to be the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the most influential businesses and institutions in the world.  Our vision is to serve more than 10 percent of Fortune magazine’s list of the Most Admired Companies.

We operate as one firm, bringing the best experts from around Fleming Consulting, LLC and from our external network to each engagement.
We value diversity. The richness of our backgrounds gives Fleming Consulting, LLC the range of expertise we need to tackle our clients’ most complex problems.

We are diverse, but we all have one thing in common: we are exceptional problem solvers. We bring intellectual curiosity and a passion for world-shaping impact to each new challenge.